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Trust the process..

We started ForeverGrateful as a brand back in 2018. As you may of figured it has taken time, many sleepless nights and unpredictable situations but it was all worth it.

We started very small building our foundation brick by brick, customer by customer.

We travelled the streets of London night and day giving away free t-shirts and wrist bands. We received a great reception from the public, we had a lot of feedback and had such a great time.

All of these days and nights where documented by our in house camera-man but to our dismay all was lost in a freak 'memory card failure' situation. We was so upset during this time because content is currency but ours.. to us... was priceless. 

So after that, to be honest.. we quit!. We felt so drained and angry. "why us..?? was a question that was regularly asked. We felt as if we had tried so hard but to no avail. Was such a ruff time in not only business but also family matters.

By the middle of 2019 and a 1000 side hustles later we decided to give ForeverGrateful another try. This time from another angle. We turned up to football clubs, boxing gyms, athletic stadiums and music studios to promote our brand to those that have worked their way up from times when it seemed impossible. whether mentally or physically. We all have a story to tell.

They say "you don't know where you're going if you don't know where you came from" in other words... be grateful for the hard times and never forget so you can appreciate the good times. 

By the end of 2019/early 2020 we was creating a lot of traction. Then BOOM! COVID-19 hits the world. 

We tried our hardest to stay afloat. We continued to supply our new and returning customers until stock was completely sold out. During this we lost all our suppliers so we was unable to produce new collections and we took a heavy hit in our sales department.

Regardless of all the above we're grateful for what happened... now we are back stronger than ever! 

Understand nothing worth having comes easy... unless its one of our products haha. Follow us on our journey and never give up at whatever your doing.


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