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Bundle of gratitude

Decide right now, that you are you going to live your dreams and never settle until you do.
Get grateful for the mental strength you've been given to survive the hard times.
Get grateful for your limbs if you have them.. many are not so blessed.
Your eyesight if you have it.. many are not so blessed.
Your hearing if you have it... many are not so blessed.
The health you DO HAVE.. many are in worst positions.
Get grateful for that one person that has had an impact in your life.. or many people if you are so blessed.
Then get grateful you can choose, to be that person for someone else. That one that makes a difference in someone else's life. No matter how small.
Get grateful you get to experience this magical universe.. Today.
There are unlimited things to be grateful for.. just open your eyes!
Look for miracles. We can guarantee if you are looking.. you will see them.
Unlock your amazing life, its ready for YOU.. right now! 

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